Hello again…

I created this site back in January of 2005.  The goal at the time was to provide info to Central Wisconsin Computer Gamers on upcoming LAN events in the area and general news links for various Computer Hardware, Computer Games, and just cool stuff in general.  The LAN updates disappeared fairly quickly as with faster internet service, general LAN’s were becoming less common in the area… and those that were still going had dedicated sites for them.  Then after about 2 years in, I stopped making news updates on the front page as the focus shifted to a slightly more gaming guild oriented site based in the forums.

Early on I also was a part of the Guild UNKN from Guild Wars which ended up being a driving force in two things… the first being the addition of a forum to the site and the second being a database for the game.  Both helped me learn more about websites, coding, and database structure.  With the addition of the forum, I found myself moderating more and posting less news (hence the reason for the shift from above).  After a while, the remaining active members decided to try another game called Perfect World (waiting until Guild Wars 2 to be released).  During that time we were involved with a guild from there called ‘Audeamus’… loosely translated by the leader as “Let Us Dare”.  There was a dedicated section of the forum for the members, but the forum was eventually moved over to another provider as the members wanted more than the old forums could provide.  The core members of UNKN are now back for Guild Wars 2, so you will see more stuff that I feel the members of the guild want to see.  Coming back, this provided an opportunity to update the site without adversely affecting the old members.

My goal is to continue the news updates I made in the past, bring the forum back, and add a wiki to serve our data/info needs.

I do this for the fun of it and to also provide info I feel might be missed by gamers that might miss things that I try to stay in touch with.


Fun Fact: I originally made the name BasicGAMER/BasicGamer based on the fact I used to do some BASIC programing back in the AppleII/C64 days and I am a gamer at heart (so there is a play on words there).  Coincidentally, I am into VB right now for my occupation so that is somewhat humorous that I am back to where I was long ago.

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