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New look for BasicGamer

It came time for me to renew my domain and I figured why not change things up a bit. So I updated the hosting package to something a bit more current (something from this decade).

One of the reasons I made the change was to allow me to new tools to allow easier updates w/o having to use a WYSIWYG editor that I relied on before.  With the new changes I should be able to add more content on the fly… which will make a difference.

Also, the old forum was getting a bit outdated so I made the hard choice to retire it and add a newer forum.  I did this based on features a new forum will provide.  However, it will be a little while before the forum is up and running… so please bear with me until then.

These changes will provide a better experience as I will be able to deliver more content, faster.  Seeing how this is the first major change I made to the website since 2005, I’m sure you will all like the changes.